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Philip L. Franckel, Esq. is the son of Alexander S. Franckel and Henrietta (Yetty) Franckel and the grandson of Isidore Franckel, an internationally known lawyer in Paris, France.

Philip Franckel is currently a personal injury lawyer at FRANCKEL & PLEVY, LLP; owns an advertising agency 1-800-HURT-911, Inc.; and is Commanding Officer of Communications in the Nassau County Police Department Auxiliary Police Section.

Mr. Franckel has expertise in many areas including branding, advertising, marketing and search engine optimization.

Philip L. Franckel, Esq. is a former Member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, a member of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers, is listed in Who’s Who in American Law, and mentioned in Who’s Who of Paris, France.

Philip Franckel received his training in Personal Injury law under Bert Subin, while an attorney at Subin Associates, a large personal injury law firm in New York City.

Upon starting a private personal injury practice, Mr. Franckel also did criminal defense, representing several clients in organized crime. Mr. Franckel now limits his practice of law to personal injury law with the exception of some pro bono (volunteer) cases.

One of the pro bono cases Mr. Franckel successfully defended, was nationally reported on television and in newspapers as the “Amy Fischer Clone” case. Mr. Franckel’s client, a student at Hofstra University, was reported to have started an escort service employing other students after watching the Amy Fischer movies on TV. Although the District Attorney attempted for over a year to convict his client of a felony (promoting prostitution) and incarcerate her, the District Attorney was unsuccessful and she did not serve any time in jail.

In another pro bono case, Mr. Franckel believed that a client had been wrongfully and illegally incarcerated by the District Court. Mr. Franckel argued a novel theory before a court of higher jurisdiction, that the criminal trial judge violated a completed contract and that the incarcerated defendant should be immediately released. The County Court overruled the lower court and immediately released the defendant from jail.

In another pro bono case, Mr. Franckel represented a family who was being persecuted by their landlord while committing fraud upon his mortgage bank, Mr. Franckel succeeded in keeping the family in the house for two years, after which the landlord lost the house in foreclosure and Mr. Franckel then successfully enabled his client’s family to purchase the house.

In another pro bono case, Mr. Franckel represented Linda, a veterinary technician, who was hospitalized and upon returning home found that her dog Luna was in a private shelter which refused to return her dog to her. Mr. Franckel saw the story on CBS TV and local News 12 TV and contacted Linda offering to represent her for free. After months of litigation and a hearing, Luna was returned to Linda.

Philip Franckel graduated from the University of Bridgeport School of Law, now Quinnipiac School of Law, received the highest grade in his class in legal writing and was a member of the prestigious Moot Court Board.

Philip Franckel started a mail-order business in 8th grade selling plans to build helium neon gas lasers and Ruby Rod lasers in Popular Science Magazine; in started a business buying and selling pinball and amusement games in 10th grade; started a used car business in 12th grade through college and until 1979, from 1979 to 1989 worked in the wholesale diamond business and began working as a personal injury attorney in 1989.

Philip Franckel began college at Southern Methodist University and began flight training at Addison Airport in Dallas. Mr. Franckel transferred to Dowling College where he was an aeronautical engineering major and was in a professional flight training program for commercial pilots, flying out of MacArthur Airport, and flew many Navy aircraft including a Lockheed Electra P3 Orion 4 engine Turbo Prop Submarine Chaser (the same type aircraft downed in China in April 2001), an F4 Phantom, A6 Intruder and an F14 Tom Cat. Mr. Franckel also attended physiological training at Andrews Air Force Base.

Philip Franckel is currently, Commanding Officer of Communications in the Nassau County Police Department Auxiliary Police Section, in charge of communications for approximately 300 auxiliary police officers and 114 vehicles. Mr. Franckel started as a Cadet in April 1970 and then was an Auxiliary Police Officer in a patrol unit. He graduated from the Nassau County Police Department Academy for Auxiliary Police Officers, Superior Officers Course, Hazardous Materials Training, Antiterrorist Training and periodically qualifies in Deadly Physical Force Training at the Police Academy.

Mr. Franckel formerly had a Federal Firearms License (gun dealer) and was a licensed insurance agent for many years.

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